Beaver Dam Analog Installation

Sovereign Lands staff are installing Beaver Dam Analogs to mimic natural beaver dams in Corner Canyon Creek, just upstream of its confluence with the Jordan River in the Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve. When complete, these structures are designed to re-establish floodplain hydrology which will restore wetlands, support native riparian vegetation which improves wildlife habitat, improve water quality, reduce downstream sedimentation and mitigate further erosion and incision of the stream bed.

Beaver Dam Analogs are installed in areas where bird and insect populations are declining due to degraded riparian habitat. Beaver can greatly benefit streams by creating riparian wetlands that support the habitat that some birds and insects rely on. Beaver re-colonization has been used as a riparian restoration tool for decades to improve stream and habitat conditions. However, some seriously degraded water systems may not be able to initially sustain beaver, and in some cases, reintroduction of beaver may not be feasible. That’s where Beaver Dam Analogs come in, to mimic natural beaver dams.