Utah Division of
Forestry, Fire & State Lands

Utah Department of Natural Resources

Great Salt Lake Research Grants

Request for Proposals (RFP) 2017

The Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands at the recommendation of the Research and Grants subcommittee of the Great Salt Lake Technical Team awarded grants for research project work on the Great Salt Lake. Proposals came from universities, government agencies, and private consulting and/or research firms.

This Request for Proposals asked for projects that addressed seven "hot topics" of broad interest on Great Salt Lake:

  1. UPRR Causeway
  2. Optimum Salinity 
  3. Low lake level research
  4. Exposed lake bed and air quality impact
  5. Bioherms/stromatolites
  6. Wetland water quality and quantity
  7. Wetland revegetation

Summary of 2017 Projects

Cover Sheets for all proposed projects

The following files are in pdf format. You need the free Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

1. Atwood - USU   9. Perry - UofU*  
2. Baskin - USGS*   10. Rowland - USGS*  
3. Baxter - Westminster   11. Rupke - UGS*  Final Report
4. Black - Westminster*   12. Shope 1 - USGS  
5. Brahney - USU   13. Shope 2 - USGS  
6. Carling - BYU   14. Tarboton - USU  
7. Goel - UofU   15. VandenBerg - UGS  
8. Kettenring - USU*      

* Denotes grant award. Final Report links will be posted when finalized.